Small advanced economy policy

We provide economic and policy advice to small advanced economy governments to help them respond to a changing domestic and external context. We combine distinctive insights on global economic and political dynamics with a deep understanding of the implications of these dynamics for small advanced economies.  This is based on our proprietary data and analysis of small advanced economy issues, and extensive small country networks.

Small economies are not scaled-down versions of large economies

Our core belief is that small advanced economies face distinct challenges and opportunities, which required targeted analysis and advice.  Small advanced economies are not simply scaled-down versions of larger countries.  Our research has identified several characteristics of small advanced economies that impact on their economic behaviour and performance, and require tailored policy responses. 

This small advanced economy perspective provides the basis for unique economic and policy insights for small advanced economy governments. 

We work with government clients in two ways.  First, through a subscription-based model to access regular small economy insights and analysis.  We prepare fortnightly notes with insight and analysis on common economic and policy dynamics across the small advanced economy group; regular thematic papers on emerging economic and policy issues; as well as regular benchmarking of the economic behaviour and performance of small advanced economies.

Second, we undertake commissioned project-based engagements on specific economic and policy issues facing small economies – often bringing a comparative small economy perspective.  Recent examples include an independent review of national economic strategy documents; contributing to economic policy development processes; and identifying emerging policy themes across small advanced economies.

Global economic & political insights

We provide insight into emerging global economic and political dynamics - global macro, globalisation, geopolitics, and policy developments – and their implications for governments, firms, and investors. 

Canaries in the mine of the global economy

These insights are distinctive in a few ways.   First, we bring our proprietary small advanced economy perspective to provide insight into global developments.  Small advanced economies are the ‘canaries in the mine of the global economy’: emerging global economic and political dynamics show up quickly and cleanly in small advanced economies.  Monitoring this group for common trends provides additional insight to standard global macro analysis. 

Second, we bring a structural approach to understanding global economic and political developments, which emphasises underlying institutional and historical drivers and the interaction of economics and politics.  This allows us to understand developments in the context of longer-term dynamics.  And because of our location in Asia, we have a keen awareness of the economic and political implications of the changing relationship between the West and Asia.  

We deliver these insights through a series of regular client notes and briefings on global economic and political developments: fortnightly notes on current developments; monthly global macro notes that provide analysis and commentary on global economic and political dynamics; and occasional thematic papers with more detailed analysis.

We also undertake specific engagements, such as contributing to Board and senior leadership team sessions on global economic and political dynamics, as well as project-based work on specific issues. 


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Small advanced economy markets & economics

We advise investors and firms with an exposure to specific small advanced economies on the economic and market outlook for these economies.  This work explicitly combines our insights into global economic and political dynamics, our proprietary analysis of the way in which small advanced economies are impacted by these events, and our analysis of the specific characteristics of the country. 

Intelligent small economy comparative analysis

Our understanding of the differences in exposures and transmission mechanisms in small advanced economies relative to larger economies provides an edge in developing a view on the economic and market outlook in these economies.  Understanding the dynamics of small economies gives us a better sense of what to look for. 

Our insights on the small economy outlook are delivered in three ways.  First, we provide regular analysis of the impact of global thematics on the small advanced economy group, from trade wars and geopolitics to technology disruption and QE.  We assess the difference in exposure between small and large economies, as well as the variation in exposure within the small advanced economy group, to inform judgements on the economic and market outlook for small advanced economies.

Second, we provide regular economic updates and commentary on specific small advanced economies.  A core part of this analysis is to benchmark the specific economies against selected small economy comparators to calibrate the economic and market impact of various domestic and external dynamics. 

Third, we regularly engage on a project basis to provide clients with a comparative small economy perspective on specific economic issues or economies that they are interested in.